Our Services

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning is a service of its own. We’ll clean every nook and cranny in your home while you still live in it. We’ll pick up, move, and clean under furniture, climb ladders to clean ceiling fans and vent covers, and get on our hands and knees to clean baseboards. It’s a lot of work, but we love the final results.

Move In/Out Cleaning

With Move-in/out Cleaning, we will remove all trash and things left behind, clean and dust walls, vent covers, inside refrigerators, cabinets, and closets. And clean everything in between such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, and baseboards.

Post Construction Cleaning

If you have stepped into a construction site or an area where construction has occurred, then you know how much mess is there. The clean-up process is not simple dusting, sweeping and mopping but is repetitive cleaning due to the dust settling and resettling every time you leave the area for rest

One-time or First-time Cleaning

One-time or First-time Cleaning is basic cleaning of your home. This is optimal when you expect guests to your home and it’s a mess, or maybe not, but you feel your home could definitely use some love.

Recurring cleaning

Essentially, we are taking care of cleaning your home on a regular basis

Our window cleaner reaching difficult to reach places with the water fed pole. 

The water from the pole is softened water from our resin tank which dries to a shine and leaves no streaks on the windows, it is aided by a specialized custom built brush head that is gentle on the glass and tough on dirt, grime and algae.